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Because Crescendo gets more and more international relations, some support for these relations to get information from our site would be nice. However the website of the "Harmoniekapel Crescendo Noordwijk" does not have an English version. It costs too much effort to keep a complete translated website maintained. This is why this page is created. It contains some links into the Dutch website to make it easier to find interesting pages. Besides this, some translated information is available via this page.

The union "Harmoniekapel Crescendo" from Noordwijk (ZH, The Netherlands) has been founded in 1897 as a group of 26 unmarried young man. Since then it has grown to a flourishing union with more than 130 members. The union exists of two wind-bands (the A-orchestra and the B-orchestra), a percussion group and own music education. Characteristic for the union is the enthusiastic development of activities of all kind. In the area of music it is the aim to give each musician maximum possibilities to perform music.

Explanation of the left side links

On the left side of all pages, links are available to jump to pages of the site. These links are in Dutch. Here is the translation of these links including some comments:
Dutch link English translation Comment
Startpagina Start page Back to the home page of the site.
Site map Site map Short track to pages of the site.
Programma Program A list of activities open to the public.
Verslagen Reports Reports on activities that have been performed. Via this link many pictures can be found. In Dutch they are called "Foto's".
Informatie Information General information about Crescendo can be found here.
Voor leden For members Only members have access to this page.
Voor bestuur For the board Only members of the union board have access to this page.
Site nieuws Site news When an important change has been made on the site, it is mentioned here.
Links Links A page with several links to other sites.


In case the Dutch information, which you can find here, is not clear enough, ask more information to one of the contact persons mentioned below.


Chairman: Petra Hoek Tel. 06-40286739 e-mail: voorzitter@crescendo-noordwijk.nl
Secretary: Judith Hoek Tel. 071-3612630 / 06-51928820 e-mail: secretaris@crescendo-noordwijk.nl

Post address:
Harmoniekapel Crescendo Noordwijk
Wantveld 2
2202 NS Noordwijk (ZH)
The Netherlands

Comments on the site can be sent to the webmaster: webmaster@crescendo-noordwijk.nl

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